Interior Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Agabekov Selection


State Mosque of Qatar
Doha, 2010

Project Manager: Arab Engineering Bureau
Consultant: SMEC International Pty Ltd.
Design Consultant: Mimar Consult
Lighting Design: Architectural Lighting SHLD – Mr Sabry El Harrany
Contractor: Contraco
Lighting Supplier: Lumatron Qatar Wll.
Technical Suport and Concept: Agbaekov SA


Products used:

Luminaries manufactured on measure by AGABEKOV SA on the base of B’Light® conductor

3'036 x LFX - 1000mm to 2000mm
732 x LU4EX - 400mm to 2033mm
202 x LU4EAL - 470mm
63 x LASYAC - 550mm to 2380mm

81'949 x Xenon Rigid Loop, 24V, 5W
2'604 x Xenon Rigid Loop, 12V, 8.5W
1'616 x Aga-Led B10, 2800K, 24V, 1.1W